Carmine Court Book One


When I stopped to get pizza on my way home, the last thing I expected was to cross paths with a vampire. Now I’m trapped in his home like a bird caught in a beautiful cage.
He’s got a dark magnetism I can’t ignore. I thought I was free of that world forever, but being with him is dragging me right back in.
I know I shouldn’t want him. I need to be stronger than this, but every time he’s near all I can think about is touching him again…


My world is no place for a creature of the daylight like him. Every time I sink my teeth into his vulnerable neck, I drink away a little more of that light.
Our physical connection is intense, but allowing anything else to develop would be the ruin of us both. So why can’t I get him out of my head? He’s my prisoner. How is it that I feel like I’m the one being held captive to his innocence?
I need to stop this before anyone else ends up dead.


BLOOD FAITH is a stand-alone HEA novella of 30,000 words, the first in the ongoing Carmine Court series. It contains explicit m/m dark romance scenes including vampire content, kidnapping, captivity, and handcuffs.

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Cover for Blood Faith by Kara Sharpe



Carmine Court Book Two


I hooked up with Finn after one of his band’s shows. He’s everything you could ever want in a rock star: gorgeous, talented, and just a little wicked.
He’s got a death wish, though, and now that he knows vampires are real he’s given me an ultimatum: if I don’t kill him, he’ll tell the world everything he knows about me and my kind.
He says he’ll delay it if I keep hooking up with him and biting him, but that solution’s almost worse than the alternatives — with every intoxicating bite, every night spent in his bed, I feel my control slipping further from my grasp. And if I lose control, the predator in me will be free…


Who ever heard of a vampire who doesn’t hurt people? He’s living in a fantasy world, but by the time I’m done with him that innocence will be shattered. 
When we first hooked up I just thought he was a hot lay for the night, until he drove his teeth into my neck and I saw stars. I already knew I didn’t want to live any longer, but it wasn’t until that moment that I knew exactly how I wanted to die.
Still, if he wants to delay the inevitable, I’m not gonna say no — the sex is mind-blowing and the biting is even better. Hell, I even like spending time with him. He’s fun to be around. Maybe in a different life, things coulda been different between us. 
Not that it matters, though, because I’m gonna make him end it for me, no matter what…


BLOOD SONG is a stand-alone HEA novella of 25,000 words, the second in the ongoing Carmine Court series. It contains explicit m/m dark romance scenes including vampire content, suicidal ideation, blackmail, and mentions of drug and alcohol abuse.

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Cover for Blood Song by Kara Sharpe




Carmine Court Book Three


My life ended in an instant.
I pushed my little sister out of the way of an oncoming car.
That should have been it, but then he saved me.
I know I can’t trust him, but he’s the only one who can teach me about how to be this thing I’ve become.
Blood is the best high I’ve ever tasted, and that frightens me.
I can’t let myself become addicted to him…


I’ve been alone for so long that I forgot any other way to be.
Then an impulsive action changed all that.
Suddenly I’m the sire to a new fledgling, one who distrusts and fears me.
He’s right to do so. I’ve been lying to him.
But it’s for his own good.
He’s a good, kind man.
He doesn’t deserve the burden of darkness that I carry…


BLOOD LINE is a stand-alone HEA novella of 28,000 words, the third in the ongoing Carmine Court series. It contains explicit m/m content and vampirism.

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Carmine Court Box Set
Carmine Court Box Set


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